Therapy Consultation is a venture born from the belief that everyone deserves a chance. Having personally witnessed the times when people have needed support and guidance and been unable to find it, at Therapy Consultation we wanted to be able to provide that support no matter how trivial or trialling it may seem.

All our employees have experienced their own challenges in various guises and therefore have a deep rooted, compassionate understanding of any respective clients. There is no judgement or misunderstanding; simply guidance, support, and care.

We understand you:

Our bespoke packages are designed to suit each individual case and perspective. They not only involve counselling and therapy, but also educational support if required.

In addition to this, our unique team of facilitators have the capacity to offer inset and training for professionals and young people; allowing for prevention, intervention and advice on how to cope. We are able to offer mental health first aid training across the Rotherham region and beyond.

Let’s start a conversation:

Our primary aim however is to educate in facilitating the conversation surrounding mental health; removing stigma. Through education we believe people will be able to see that everyone has a mental health and a responsibility to take care of it. We hope that you will take the time to listen and help us make that change. Get in touch to see how we can help.

About me, Malcolm:

Malcolm FirthFollowing 15 years of experience working within Mental Health, encountering specialisms ranging from Adults Forensic to Children’s Services, I decided to leave public services as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and focus on being an Eclectic Psychotherapist. This was to pursue my dream of starting a private practice, and thus Therapy Consultation was born.

Mental Health difficulties are not limited to any specific group, and as such his passion is to reach all those affected from early childhood, to adolescence and through to senior citizens. Equally, my skills are not limited and as such I am able to help with any condition presenting itself. Therapy Consultation consists of highly passionate workers, with a distinct edge; they all have a greater depth of understanding due to their own individual experiences of mental health. Personal
experience followed by successful and rewarding recovery, is supported by academic acumen enabling them to efficiently adapt styles and approaches to any given circumstance.

We are forward thinking, looking to the future, constantly seeking advanced ways in helping others. Malcolm was amongst the first volunteers joining ‘Heads Up Trauma Team’ offering complimentary sessions to the victims and families of those affected by the Manchester and London Terrorist Attacks, and has commenced work in local communities. Such work allows Therapy Consultation to reach as many people as possible, offering support and help in combatting mental health difficulties.

Malcolm has himself been through his own Mental Health issues in his early years, principally struggles with depression due to significant losses in his life. This common mental health issue later in his teenage years became self-medicated with a long history of both substance and alcohol misuse creating dependency. Eventually Malcolm ended up having transient Psychosis requiring admission on numerous occasions into Mental Health Units; however he fortunately found the right support and has now had a period of 16 years of abstinence from both Drugs and Alcohol and nurtures a good mental health state on a daily basis. His passion is to help others with their mental health and recoveries. It can happen!